1- Comparison between the outcomes of water birth and normal vaginal delivery

Mitra Kolivan( Msc ), Afshin Almasi (PhD) , Sousan Heydarpour(Msc)

2- Investigate the knowledge and attitudes of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences  students about  Psychotropic Substances abuse and its Related Demographic Factors

Mostafa Bahreman, Samira Mohammadi, Afsoon Vahdat, Mostafa Alikhani


3- Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Iranian Pharmacist : Investigation of Barries and Attitudes

Mehdi Mrzaei, Noozhan Karimi, Behzad Karami Matin, Sadaf Nezamoleslami,Sahar Ahmadvand,Afsoon Vahdat*,Mhammad Mahboubi


4- Relationship between Serum Thyrotropin (TSH)  And Cytology Findings of Thyroid Nodules

Mehr Ali Rahimi, Neda Izadi, Elham Bastani, Fatemeh Rezvan Madani, Mozhdeh Osarehzadegan


5- Gender Differences in Patients' Beliefs About Biological, Environmental, Behavioral, and Psychological Risk Factors in a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

Saeidi, M., S. Komasi*,Ali Soroush, Ali Zakiei, Jalal Shakeri


6"US Cohort Differences in Body Composition Outcomes of a 6-Month Pedometer-Based Physical Activity Intervention : The ASUKI Ste

[1]J. Walker, A. Soroush, B. Ainsworth, M. Belyea, P. Swan, A. Ygnve p Study


7- Trajectories and Predictors of Steps in a Worksite Intervention: ASUKI-Step

C. Der Ananian, A. Soroush, B. Ainsworth, M. Belyea, J. Walker, E. Poortvliet, P. Swan, A. Yngve

8-Effectiveness of Collaborative Education of Cognitive- Behavioral Skillson Decreasing Stress, Anxiety and Depression in Women HavingUndergone Hysterectomy Surgery

Maryam Heidari1*, Davoud Taghvaee2 and Ali Soroush3

9- The relationship between brain behavioral systems and the characteristics of the five factor model of personility with aggression among  Iranian students.

Saeid Komasi ,Ali zakiei ,  Ali Soroush , Mozhgan Saeidi  


10- Clinical Efficacy and Complication of Urine Artery Embolization in Symptomatic Uterine Fibroids

MohammadgharibSalehi, Nasrin Jalilian ,Ayoub Salehi , Mojgan Ayazi     


11- Survey of HER2-neu Expression in Colonic Adenocarcinoma in the West of Iran

Seyed-Hamid ,Edris Sadeghi , Akram Rezaee , Masoud Sadeghi , Sedigheh Khazaee, Nasrin Amirifard , Mehrdada Payandeh


 12-Comparin the effects of Pethidine and diclophenac  suppository on patients with renal colic in the emergency department

Ali Taherinia, Soodeh Shahsavari, Azadeh Heidarpour , Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabaei, Afsoon Vahdat

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